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DREAM BIG- Set Intentions for the rest of the year!

New moon April to new moon May. What a month of growth this has been and it hasn’t been easy. Can you relate to me when I say that this month has been difficult? I mean in all kinds of ways emotionally, physically, spiritually? The good news is that the cosmic forecast suggests that it is prime time to start setting major intentions for the rest of 2018. So dream big and the universe will begin to work for you. If you are balanced mind-body-soul then anything is possible.

Last month I set intentions to really dive into my creative entrepreneur endeavors. There were some serious set backs and crushing realizations. Read here about our parental experience Desert Hearts last month. We are quickly coming up on the biggest festival of the season, Lightning in a Bottle and we feel so unprepared! This might be our last festival for a while. So I’m going all in and trying to set the stage for magical happenings for my camp mates and LIB community.

My little family and I are dreaming big. Since after we returned from Costa Rica we have been concentrating on building a life for ourselves that we deserve. Traveling and festivals are not out of the question, just on the back burner. Lightning in a Bottle and the community have been a part of my life that has supported most of my personal growth and transformation over the past 7 years. Now I have so much more confidence to create whatever I want for myself and my daughter. I can take what I’ve learned from “the bottle” and help others through their transformations.

I am working on all types of projects to help others balance mind body soul. Here is what I’m up to….


Body– This is my most strongest pillar of my being. I am an experienced (5years, and 15+years of swim) and a certified personal trainer. Personal training and  creating customized programs to help others achieve their physical goals has been a passion turned career. Specialties include swimming, functional training, acrobatics, yoga, HIIT, and general strength training. I work within a 15 to 20 mile radius from downtown Long Beach. I am able to meet clients at their home, gym, pool or park. I am now accepting new clients and referrals. You can contact me directly at to begin the health and lifestyle screening I send every client. Let’s get started! Program packages start at $200 for DTLB clients. Prices of programs are HERE.


Mind – I am currently building and constantly creating content for my webpage This includes my blog and my affiliate Sage Goddess. Soon I will be creating my own online store, Audri’s Alchemy and shipping out unique alchemy treasures that I’ve collected or created over the years. Behind the scene I am working towards creating an income as a small business owner and artist. This is all for the greater good. If I can help support one person or as many people as I can through their journeys, I will feel my job is being done.


Soul– It’s time to level-up! This pillar has been an area of great growth for me over the last couple of years. I was once apprehensive to open myself up to my clients and followers about how I manage to maintain high vibes all the time. Now I realize that more and more people are seeking ways to deal with the craziness in their lives. I feel the call to be of service to those that who are in need of clarity. I noticed while training clients over the years that energetic imbalances and blockages was what was holding them back from obtaining their goals. I am being as candid as I can be through my spiritual journey on social media as @caligypsea and @theaud_mom. Instagram is my platform for recommending sacred tools, posting my art, sharing about my online courses, and to inspire those who are going through self transformation.

Thank you for following me through my spiritual journey, supporting my art, and referring clients that want or need personal training. The new moon in Taurus and the wave of abundant energy it brings will help support my goals, and yours. I intend to continue to sow the seeds of abundance and prosperity for my little family.

Love and Light



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