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Welcome to my page! My name is Audri and I am so honored that you have decided to come visit. I offer coaching, services and handcrafted tools to aid you in your own personal journey. I intend that what I offer can span across mind-body-soul.


Training to balance Mind-Body-Soul has been my core life value and I have helped many clients transform thier body as a personal trainer. I noticed that there was much more to aiding a client through such life changes then providing movement. The balance of mind over body, body to soul, and soul and mind is an art of the master manifesting humans. I utilize all my tools that I gained as a personal trainer, holistic healer, and creative entrepreneur. Alignment and balance is the key to manifesting.

I feel it’s important to me to inspire and support as many people through thier own transformations. Especially during a radical time like 2020. 
Where did I study magic?
Throughout my life I was exposed to many sources (and have many stories) of magic and spiritual experiences. I wanted more formal magical knowledge and history to help me understand magic across the world. I found that through a community called Sage Goddess, with priestess/ teacher Athena. Sage Goddess is the largest magical shop in LA. Over the years, I introduced many clients to this community. I completed a year long intensive course through SG that helped support my development in crystal and energetic healing. I gained knowledge about crystal healing throughout ancient history and was certified through Sage Goddess.
Thank you for your time to read this information. Feel free to connect with me directly with any questions or inquires you have. I look forward to connecting with you soon!


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  1. […] So let me tell you some updates about whats happening to Body by Audri, and what transitions are being made to Audri the Alchemist. My previous plans for how the summer should go is happening right before my eyes. Certain opportunities have been laid out perfectly for me and at the perfect timing. It’s happening. I have been embracing my artistic and creative aspects of my being and have found myself in a career transition. This weekend I am holding space for those who seek. I am working in the healing sanctuary at the Love Long Beach Festival. This is such an honor as I was asked to be part of creating the magic. Come say hi and see what I have to offer you to help you balance Mind-Body-Soul. […]

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