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Audri the Alchemist- Consent Form


Consent Form


This session will contain evaluation. This will include a survey, and if requested measurements of BMI and body fat %, flexibility, muscle strength and muscle endurance. We may stop the session at any time because of personal feeling of fatigue or discomfort. During the session, Audri will monitor you closely while considering your goals and keeping your comfort priority. If Aromatherapy, essential oils or smudging methods are used in the session please notify Audri of any sensitivities or known allergies.


There exists the possibility of certain changes during the session. This includes abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disorders of the heart beat and in very rare instances, heart attack. Every effort will be made to minimize these discomforts through a preliminary screening and by observation during the session. If essential oils are used and you are unaware of an allergy there might be a risk of immediate or slow onset allergy. Audri doesn’t ever advise to ingest essential oils.


The information obtained during today’s session will help you gauge your current Mind-Body-Soul balance. This includes your own energetic field, overall physical wellness, and your personal emotional wellness. These insights combined with some self empowerment could be used to develop an effective, efficient goal-directed program or recommendations to specific energetic tools from Sage Goddess.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask. Audri will do her best to educate you and help you understand the reason why certain methods are used.


Your permission to perform each session is voluntary. You are free to deny consent or participation if you so desire.


I have read this form and I understand the procedures that will be performed. I consent to participate in the session and understand that the information obtained during this session might serve for greater purposes.

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