Thank You 🌈Love Long Beach!

I’m finally decompressed enough from the huge festival community event I did in my city of Long Beach. For the Love Long Beach Festival I was asked by my fellow festival community to set up as a Healer in the Healing Sanctuary. I was honored and accepted that the universe was ready to support me in this huge leap of becoming more accessible to others outside my comfortable safe magical network.

I’ve been a festie in Southern California for over 7 years now. Three of those years I volunteered as part of the RGX medical team to offer my love, compassion, personal training background and first aid to help others. I became more confident in my crystal work as I felt it supported my own healing and transformations. I began to naturally offer advice to my personal training clients as a way to support them through their mind-body-soul transformation.

During this years festival season starting back in February when I went to Costa Rica, I take along SG gemstones I had earned through commissions from the Advisor program soI could help support others in their transformations. I feel I have been sewing seeds through meaningful connections. This practice had gotten me recognized and the universe lined up just right and led me to an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Let me tell you brothers and sisters, I witnessed such abundance in love. I helped so many that were unfamiliar about crystal energies and how to use them. I properly and naturally followed energetic protocol, opening a sacred space, by calling in the corners, burning sage, frankincense, copal, smudging those who came to me to clear and equalize energies. I often smudged the perimeter of my tent. I used and gifted samples of SG oils, gifted many stones, Palo Santo and tattoos. I also set a protocol example to other healers who didn’t know how to safe guard their energy reserves so they didn’t feel energetically drained. I am so happy to be the next step along others journeys.

One of the biggest takeaways was the fact that I’m not overly energetically drained like I have been in the past with a fraction of clients. I proved to myself that I can naturally create a healing and sacred vortex that is available and accessible to others. I was busy, but in a good way because those who found me, needed me. I made such meaningful connections and that’s what matters. Plus I had an amazing view to work from all weekend!

I felt so aligned with my higher self this past weekend, and I’ve been told that I was radiant. I hope this helps spark your creativity and confidence to get out there and accept what the universe has in store for you. Listen and do.

I would love to say a huge thank you 🙏 to my Festival community for asking me to participate as a healer. Thank you to my festival family for always showing up, and your continuing love to help and support me. Thank you to my my friends that always know where to find me and bring me good vibes. Thank you to my new friends who asked for my help and came into my healing space.

I was seriously soooo busy this weekend making such meaningful connections with so many magical people and reconnected with friend family. I’m literally high on life and on good vibes✌🏼. Thank you all Long Beach.🌈✨💎💜🙏

I wish you all a fabulous week! Namaste 🙏

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