Witches Supporting Witches

There is no denying that we are living through un-precedented times. Everyone has felt some kind of personal change during this major 2020 year shift in consciousness.

I am really beginning to feel reflective as Mars goes retrograde and my fire creative, get it done energy is hot. I had really big visions for 2020 that I never got to follow through on. Like hosting circles in my large communal gathering space at my home. I am fortunate to have the support of my local markets to vend at all summer safely. I’m also lucky to be able to build community during these times of social distancing. Mars in retrograde is forcing me to revisit a particular past project I’m passionate about. I am launching a new Patreon. You can be directed on my homepage www.AudritheAlchemist.com to check out what subscriptions I have available right now. I want to begin to build the friendships we all need as we head into the darker months. The season of inward reflection. I will be offering How-To Witchcraft videos, moon rituals, and much more.

2020 has been challenging in many different ways. I choose to be resilient and adapting in a positive way as I’m innovating ways to connect with clients and deliver handmade magickal and ritual tools to my community. I have tested out Etsy and Instagram, but I am confident I can deliver my services on any platform. Patreon is new to me, but I am excited to deliver a streamlined service to patrons. Although going virtual this coming season is inevitable, my favorite is being able to have human to human connection that is only unique by physical presence of another. Here are some pictures of my booth from this year.

Thank you to all who have come by to chat and connect with me. This was my second year at this market and I have grown so much as an artisan crafter. I began doing markets selling herbs and teas for another company. I’ve evolved by offering my own art and handmade tools.

My friend is joining me for the rest of the summer. Tallulah is a magicakal herbal goddess serving up her magickal tea blends (figuratively). She forages and uses some herbs we have grown. Come say hi to us every Sunday through October (weather permitting)

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