Thank You Cascade Equinox Festival!

Thank you to all those who floated by this weekend at @cascade_equinox. It was soooo cool to really connect with the artist community, and the BEST of the festival community. I met about 50/50 who were OG festie production, vendors, artist, Medics and then the other 50 percent never had experienced such an event, ever. Never in their wildest thought to be in their OR, hometown. Like literally there was a rave in a barn at a fair! This was truly a festival to remember. I’m so happy to of been part of the first ever @cascade_equinox festival. I’m sure there WILL be another and much better next year. Already looking forward to who will be headlining it next.

🌞Daytime vibes with all the incenses stocked!

This was me chillin in my booth/living room of the festival, while listening to the one and only @prettylights. What a set to remember! I am beaming with happy magic and ended the music festival season with a super memorable time. I’m starry eyed 🤩

Oooooh Sometimes I get a good feeling Yeah…

My booth at night 🌙 was a vibe.

Spooky Vibes as my family sleeps off a long day.

This event was such a dream! Much appreciation for my own festy besty family. I couldn’t do what I do without them as a solid support.

This weekend I ran my booth without a hired crew. Just with the love, support and cooperation of my family. Jason took care of feeding me my allergen free foods when I couldn’t feed myself, he takes care of ani when I can’t, and adapts to sleeping situations even though it f-d up his back. He’s also half the man power when we set up and take down. Ani is a festi pro and has been adapted to these high stimulating environments with headsets, ear plugs (cause she’s big enough now), onesies, and knowing that her momma will always make a special hideout cozy spot just for her. She likes her extra privileges and the opportunity for full self expression. We had one of the best festivals as this one was so unique. Small enough for a comfortable time, and big enough to blow the mind!
Love you Jason and Ani! I can’t wait for the adventures we will have in 2024!

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