Season of the Witch

🖤I have just a few more of this ritual candle! Scented as Opium, this candle is quite intriguing, tempting. Sprinkled with up-cycled holographic glitter with a black labradorite or a Smokey Quartz. These are lovingly hand poured with intention throughout. Made with soy/beeswax and high quality phthalate free fragrance. These candles have amazing scent throw and last a long time! They have a organic wick and burn clean. You can feel good about burning this candle in your home. The flame will warmly glow behind a dark purple high heat glass perfect for a spooky evening. For this candle label, I brought back my original designs for these scents and adapted them. They were hand drawn and created by me last year for a collection of scents I enjoyed and wanted to share.
After the candle is done, place in freezer to harden wax. This will allow for a clean removal of the wax and will release the Crystal. Up cycle jar by using it to store herbs, treasures, or whatever else you want. Get yours HERE.

We are in it. It’s Fall and we are adjusting to getting grounded at home. I’m super grateful for such a year of growth. I’m super grateful for all the new friends and experiences we all had this year. Into the season of shadows we go and I’m here for my witches.
These two incenses are in stock Here. I will post some of products on my webpage soon so you can order a ritual candle for yourself or a friend.

For those who have already enjoyed one of these, Thank you for loving my handmade

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