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Thank You 🌈Love Long Beach!

I’m finally decompressed enough from the huge festival community event I did in my city of Long Beach. For the Love Long Beach Festival I was asked by my fellow festival community to set up as a Healer in the Healing Sanctuary. I was honored and accepted that the universe was ready to support me in this huge leap of becoming more accessible to others outside my comfortable safe magical network.

I’ve been a festie in Southern California for over 7 years now. Three of those years I volunteered as part of the RGX medical team to offer my love, compassion, personal training background and first aid to help others. I became more confident in my crystal work as I felt it supported my own healing and transformations. I began to naturally offer advice to my personal training clients as a way to support them through their mind-body-soul transformation.

During this years festival season starting back in February when I went to Costa Rica, I take along SG gemstones I had earned through commissions from the Advisor program soI could help support others in their transformations. I feel I have been sewing seeds through meaningful connections. This practice had gotten me recognized and the universe lined up just right and led me to an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Let me tell you brothers and sisters, I witnessed such abundance in love. I helped so many that were unfamiliar about crystal energies and how to use them. I properly and naturally followed energetic protocol, opening a sacred space, by calling in the corners, burning sage, frankincense, copal, smudging those who came to me to clear and equalize energies. I often smudged the perimeter of my tent. I used and gifted samples of SG oils, gifted many stones, Palo Santo and tattoos. I also set a protocol example to other healers who didn’t know how to safe guard their energy reserves so they didn’t feel energetically drained. I am so happy to be the next step along others journeys.

One of the biggest takeaways was the fact that I’m not overly energetically drained like I have been in the past with a fraction of clients. I proved to myself that I can naturally create a healing and sacred vortex that is available and accessible to others. I was busy, but in a good way because those who found me, needed me. I made such meaningful connections and that’s what matters. Plus I had an amazing view to work from all weekend!

I felt so aligned with my higher self this past weekend, and I’ve been told that I was radiant. I hope this helps spark your creativity and confidence to get out there and accept what the universe has in store for you. Listen and do.

I would love to say a huge thank you 🙏 to my Festival community for asking me to participate as a healer. Thank you to my festival family for always showing up, and your continuing love to help and support me. Thank you to my my friends that always know where to find me and bring me good vibes. Thank you to my new friends who asked for my help and came into my healing space.

I was seriously soooo busy this weekend making such meaningful connections with so many magical people and reconnected with friend family. I’m literally high on life and on good vibes✌🏼. Thank you all Long Beach.🌈✨💎💜🙏

I wish you all a fabulous week! Namaste 🙏

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Audri the Alchemist- Consent Form


Consent Form


This session will contain evaluation. This will include a survey, and if requested measurements of BMI and body fat %, flexibility, muscle strength and muscle endurance. We may stop the session at any time because of personal feeling of fatigue or discomfort. During the session, Audri will monitor you closely while considering your goals and keeping your comfort priority. If Aromatherapy, essential oils or smudging methods are used in the session please notify Audri of any sensitivities or known allergies.


There exists the possibility of certain changes during the session. This includes abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disorders of the heart beat and in very rare instances, heart attack. Every effort will be made to minimize these discomforts through a preliminary screening and by observation during the session. If essential oils are used and you are unaware of an allergy there might be a risk of immediate or slow onset allergy. Audri doesn’t ever advise to ingest essential oils.


The information obtained during today’s session will help you gauge your current Mind-Body-Soul balance. This includes your own energetic field, overall physical wellness, and your personal emotional wellness. These insights combined with some self empowerment could be used to develop an effective, efficient goal-directed program or recommendations to specific energetic tools from Sage Goddess.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask. Audri will do her best to educate you and help you understand the reason why certain methods are used.


Your permission to perform each session is voluntary. You are free to deny consent or participation if you so desire.


I have read this form and I understand the procedures that will be performed. I consent to participate in the session and understand that the information obtained during this session might serve for greater purposes.

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Welcome to my page! My name is Audri and I am so honored that you have decided to come visit. I offer coaching, services and handcrafted tools to aid you in your own personal journey. I intend that what I offer can span across mind-body-soul.


Training to balance Mind-Body-Soul has been my core life value and I have helped many clients transform thier body as a personal trainer. I noticed that there was much more to aiding a client through such life changes then providing movement. The balance of mind over body, body to soul, and soul and mind is an art of the master manifesting humans. I utilize all my tools that I gained as a personal trainer, holistic healer, and creative entrepreneur. Alignment and balance is the key to manifesting.

I feel it’s important to me to inspire and support as many people through thier own transformations. Especially during a radical time like 2020. 
Where did I study magic?
Throughout my life I was exposed to many sources (and have many stories) of magic and spiritual experiences. I wanted more formal magical knowledge and history to help me understand magic across the world. I found that through a community called Sage Goddess, with priestess/ teacher Athena. Sage Goddess is the largest magical shop in LA. Over the years, I introduced many clients to this community. I completed a year long intensive course through SG that helped support my development in crystal and energetic healing. I gained knowledge about crystal healing throughout ancient history and was certified through Sage Goddess.
Thank you for your time to read this information. Feel free to connect with me directly with any questions or inquires you have. I look forward to connecting with you soon!


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DREAM BIG- Set Intentions for the rest of the year!

New moon April to new moon May. What a month of growth this has been and it hasn’t been easy. Can you relate to me when I say that this month has been difficult? I mean in all kinds of ways emotionally, physically, spiritually? The good news is that the cosmic forecast suggests that it is prime time to start setting major intentions for the rest of 2018. So dream big and the universe will begin to work for you. If you are balanced mind-body-soul then anything is possible.

Last month I set intentions to really dive into my creative entrepreneur endeavors. There were some serious set backs and crushing realizations. Read here about our parental experience Desert Hearts last month. We are quickly coming up on the biggest festival of the season, Lightning in a Bottle and we feel so unprepared! This might be our last festival for a while. So I’m going all in and trying to set the stage for magical happenings for my camp mates and LIB community.

My little family and I are dreaming big. Since after we returned from Costa Rica we have been concentrating on building a life for ourselves that we deserve. Traveling and festivals are not out of the question, just on the back burner. Lightning in a Bottle and the community have been a part of my life that has supported most of my personal growth and transformation over the past 7 years. Now I have so much more confidence to create whatever I want for myself and my daughter. I can take what I’ve learned from “the bottle” and help others through their transformations.

I am working on all types of projects to help others balance mind body soul. Here is what I’m up to….


Body– This is my most strongest pillar of my being. I am an experienced (5years, and 15+years of swim) and a certified personal trainer. Personal training and  creating customized programs to help others achieve their physical goals has been a passion turned career. Specialties include swimming, functional training, acrobatics, yoga, HIIT, and general strength training. I work within a 15 to 20 mile radius from downtown Long Beach. I am able to meet clients at their home, gym, pool or park. I am now accepting new clients and referrals. You can contact me directly at to begin the health and lifestyle screening I send every client. Let’s get started! Program packages start at $200 for DTLB clients. Prices of programs are HERE.


Mind – I am currently building and constantly creating content for my webpage This includes my blog and my affiliate Sage Goddess. Soon I will be creating my own online store, Audri’s Alchemy and shipping out unique alchemy treasures that I’ve collected or created over the years. Behind the scene I am working towards creating an income as a small business owner and artist. This is all for the greater good. If I can help support one person or as many people as I can through their journeys, I will feel my job is being done.


Soul– It’s time to level-up! This pillar has been an area of great growth for me over the last couple of years. I was once apprehensive to open myself up to my clients and followers about how I manage to maintain high vibes all the time. Now I realize that more and more people are seeking ways to deal with the craziness in their lives. I feel the call to be of service to those that who are in need of clarity. I noticed while training clients over the years that energetic imbalances and blockages was what was holding them back from obtaining their goals. I am being as candid as I can be through my spiritual journey on social media as @caligypsea and @theaud_mom. Instagram is my platform for recommending sacred tools, posting my art, sharing about my online courses, and to inspire those who are going through self transformation.

Thank you for following me through my spiritual journey, supporting my art, and referring clients that want or need personal training. The new moon in Taurus and the wave of abundant energy it brings will help support my goals, and yours. I intend to continue to sow the seeds of abundance and prosperity for my little family.

Love and Light



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Dreamcatchers🌙☁️✨ Are Catching On

My mind has been so busy since the beginning of this year. It’s a welcomed kind of busy. As an entrepreneur I’m dedicated to spreading the love of magic, health and wellness. I sincerely 100% know that as long as my mind-body-soul are balanced, then I can accomplish amazing things and many physical things will be attracted to me. I’ve been working out my body, my mind has been planning and preparing for Costa Rica, and my soul is feeling all the warm and fuzzies because I’m super charged with my crystals and how my love for them is inspiring others. The new moon in Capricorn has really launched me into the new year with such abundance!

At the end of 2017, I decided to take a leap into another business opportunity and commitment to education. My mind needed something to create, to imagine and manifest… and so it did. My favorite magic ritual resource on you tube, and online and physical store in Torrance, Sage Goddess, had offered an opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up. There was no question that this opportunity was presented to me as the result of when I asked “what’s next.” The opportunity was a chance to learn about magic ritual throughout ancient cultures and to earn lifetime commissions off of recommendations. This allows me to have the ability to search for and find the perfect stones and other magical tools for others within the stores huge inventory and earn commissions. Essentially I can build a business around this any way I would like. I see a lot of my mommy friends starting up businesses with companies that have a multi level marketing structure. This is unlike those opportunities because there are no minimum purchasing requirements every month. There is an option to purchase the magical courses which are $60 a month for a year, but education last a lifetime! My goal is to earn commissions to pay for my education and magical tools to share with others. I do have the option to build teams to coach others through their business building, so if interested let me know! The best of it all is that I’m doing something I already do and love. I love crystals, sage and magic!

So it was my daughters approaching birthday and I wanted to upcycle and reuse a lot of materials that I was collecting. I crafted up her decorations for her birthday including a one-of-a-kind dream catcher. I have collected her clothes that were my favorite and I had plenty of crafting supplies laying around. It came out gorgeous! I named it “Wild One”. This dream catcher caught the attention of a lot of people in my network. They have never seen a Dreamcatcher like it before. Strangely enough I’ve never made a Dreamcatcher but found that I was in a trance as I was weaving the Dreamcatcher. The final touch was the addition of a quartz crystal that my daughter picked out herself. I feel that a Dreamcatcher is a great place that a crystal can sit. It’s hung above ones head or bed and the crystal chosen could act as a filter for protection or amplification of dreams. I feel this was a unique feature to the dreamcatcher. I wanted to immediately make another one so I offered to make one for any one in my network who was willing to compensate me for my time and materials.

And so I did. This one was called “Dream of Travel”. I was in a trance again as I crafted the beauty. I added charms and trinkets that I was collecting including an Eiffel Tower. I actually visited Sage Goddess headquarters to go live on Facebook and show everyone the process I go through as I picked the perfect stone. This piece was shipped and received by a very happy friend of mine.

The divine creativity just kept flowing. Others began to inquire about how I could create such a piece for them. My current swim fitness client had asked me to make a pair of dream catchers for her granddaughters. The oldest one likes purple and will soon be a teenager in the following years. And the younger one is four years old and loves unicorns. The two sister dream catchers are completely unique but also share many of the same materials that make it up. Just like blood sisters are made up of each parent. I chose tumbled quartz from my local’s farmer market that had rainbows within the stone. Even though they might’ve not of been from, the magical practice is still the same. I finished them and saged each one. I can’t wait for these dream catchers to grow with the girls. I wish them inspiration and creativity with in their lives.

And so the Dreamcatcher chronicles continue. When I set the intention to find magical items it’s like my energy attracts them. I found components for future dream catchers to build for others. I will keep building because it makes me happy. I have chatted with my uncle who practices Native American shamanism him and explain to him what I was doing. He reminded me not to purchase dream catchers from China or Korea in mass markets but to make sure that a Dreamcatcher is made with magical intentions and thoughts. Dream catchers are extremely special and magical and unique to each person. As someone who is proud of my Native California roots, I am honored to be the vessel that the divine creativity flows through to create each piece

I have realized that the myth of the dreamcatcher is not as wide spread since I originally wrote this. Here is an excerpt about what a dreamcatcher does and symbolizes.

In Native American culture, a dreamcatcher is a handmade object based on a hoop (traditionally of willow), incorporating a loose net, and decorated with items unique to the particular dreamcatcher. There is a traditional belief that a dreamcatcher filters a person’s dreams, letting through only the good ones. There are related legends.

While dreamcatchers originated in the Ojibwa Nation, during the Pan-Indian Movement of the 1960s and 1970s they were adopted by Native Americans of a number of different nations. Some consider the dream catcher a symbol of unity among the various Indian Nations, and a general symbol of identification with Native American or First Nations cultures. However, other Native Americans have come to see dream catchers as over-commercialized. Non-Indians have also used the dreamcatcher for their own purposes.

Traditionally, the Ojibwa construct dreamcatchers by tying sinew strands in a web around a small round or tear-shaped frame of willow (in a way roughly similar to their method for making snowshoe webbing). The resulting “dream-catcher”, hung above the bed, is used as a charm to protect sleeping children from nightmares. As dreamcatchers are made of willow and sinew, they are not meant to last forever but are intended to dry out and collapse as the child enters the age of wonderment.

The Ojibwa believe that a dreamcatcher changes a person’s dreams. According to Konrad J. Kaweczynski, “Only good dreams would be allowed to filter through. Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day.” Good dreams would pass through and slide down the feathers to the sleeper.

Another version from the same article was, “Nightmares pass through the holes and out of the window. The good dreams are trapped in the web, and then slide down the feathers to the sleeping person.”

These conflicting explanations about how a dreamcatcher works may be proof of its antiquity. People keep a symbol because it is traditional, but interpret its meaning in many different ways.


I made one of the best dream catchers to date. This one is titled “Blue Dream” and was commissioned by my swim client. She is a hippie at heart and wears a tie dye and bohemian patterns to our sessions.

Just listed I have these two unfinished dreamcatchers that need a home. They are part of a series of which the hoop is part of a magical linking set of eight rings. I am continuing to explore the different techniques and push my creative limits.

If you would like to see what I have in inventory please reach out to me at

You can purchase any high quality energetic stone from Sage Goddess Here.

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Myofascial Release Tools: Review

Myofascial release is a major component of a program for every client. With regular myofascial release, I am able to coach clients through problematic past injuries and straighten hunched backs. This important practice can also save athletes from high performance injuries. What type of tools and how the tool are used varies from client to client. One tool doesn’t work for everyone. Some are simpler and more versatile, while others are specific. I have compiled a list of useful trigger point, and myofascial released tools. These are just standard suggestions and tools I commonly use. After I teach you technique, you can use any tool and benefit from less pain and performance enhancements in your daily life.

*Clicking on the name of the tool will direct you to my Amazon affiliate link of that product. You can purchase exactly what I recommend and personally use.

Trigger Point Foam Roller- As a new momma, I have been relying heavily on my orange gridded roller. They come in different lengths. The grid texture help release deep tissue. I would consider Trigger Point brand as the industry standard. I’ve taken my foam roller outdoors on overnight backpacking adventures to quickly recover at camp. The hollow center makes it easy to strap onto a backpack. When you travel it can go in a suitcase and protect toiletries or other items inside the hollow center.

Trigger Point Massage Ball– I find that it’s nice to sometimes have a ball with some give. The ball is swirled with varying foam densities so that as you roll over your muscles and trigger points, it massages deep fibers.

Lacrosse Ball– My tried and true go-to most versatile trigger point tool. It’s small enough to be left in your car (so you can roll your back while in traffic), a gym bag, and even on the trail backpacking. It’s made of dense rubber and can be a tad intense if used on the hard ground. Some athletes who have dense muscle might need the focal intensity in trouble areas vs a senior with soft tissue who might bruise. Regardless, this is an inexpensive great tool to use.

Soft Large Foam Roller– This is a great beginner foam roller. It is large and not as dense as the trigger point roller. This roller is great for those with softer tissue, beginners, and someone who is just to sore from a workout. There is no texture to it and is long enough to move around on easily.

Dense Large Foam Roller- These are the standard rollers in gyms and in physical therapy. It is lightweight and long enough to be able to move around on . This is meant for someone who needs more pressure than a soft roller and if a gridded trigger point roller is too intense.

Tiger Tails– These are wands with textures or beads to help target large muscles with more focal intensity. These are great for the hamstrings, calves, and quads. Not always a necessity, but if rolling the hamstrings with a large roller isn’t working tiger tails are a great option. If you have help, this can be useful for the hard to reach area where your neck meets your shoulders, the trapezius.

Trigger Point Hamstring Rollers– Clients who are rehabilitating hamstring tears or those who need to gain flexibility will find this tool useful. Can be used for quads and calves as well.

Vibrating Foam Rollers- These once hard to find rollers are starting to be noticed. I would reserve to invest in one like this if you are a athlete or bodybuilder with dense muscles. The vibration really helps the blood flow directing nutrients into the muscles that are sore from recovery.

Rumble Rollers- These rollers look like they came from the medieval times. They are not meant to be for a beginner. Theses are reserved for those who like the pain. Bodybuilders and crossfit folk like to use these to target deep muscle tissue. I just find it annoying to be poked randomly hoping to get a release.

An important fact is that there is a window of opportunity to strength train underactive muscles after releasing overactive muscles. Most of the time I prescribe band resistant training to help correct postural issues or functional movement. Closed bands are used for the lower body while ribbon bands are used for upper body.