Goddess Temple Ritual Oil


This 5ml roller of Goddess Temple Ritual oil is a floral combination made for a goddess! This is based off the original Goddess Temple incense Audri created for inviting goddess energy into your sacred space. This Goddess Temple energy was inspired by aromatherapy books and Wiccan and Pagan based spells. It was offered this summer as an oil, then sold out, then requested all the time. This energy has now become a core offering and offered in many forms. What makes this new batch of Goddess Temple Ritual Oil special is the newly created logo and aromatherapy potency. Each vial is unique and contains crystals to charge the oil. This oil rolls on beautifully, packs in your purse or pocket easily, and is an instant reminder that you are a goddess as a scented self care ritual. Elevate your energy and high vibe your aura with Goddess Temple. By rolling this oil on your pulse points you will step into your own goddess power. You can also add to your candle rituals, to crystals or lava rocks with this oil. Each comes sealed for your safety and ready as a gift to yourself or another person who deserves some self love, and sacred feminine energy. By the time this anointing oil has reached you, it has taken on a magical energy on its own! You can continue to enjoy the goddess energy of this oil by removing the roller and topping it off with an unscented carrier oil of choice. You can continue to feel like you have your -ish together and will literally chill from the shift you instantly feel. You will be lightly scented from the goddess anointing, the ritual oil, and get to enjoy the lasting magic.

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Goddess Temple Ritual Oil
-Jasmine Essential Oil
-Rose Essential oil
-Lavender Essential Oil
-Jasmine Buds
-Lavender Buds
-Sunflower Oil
-Amethyst and Rose Quartz

Audri’s Alchemy Anointing Oils
Goddess Temple Ritual Ingredients: Nut and Coconut Free. EO Blend, Sunflower Oil, Amethyst and Rose Quartz Crystals, Magic.
Directions: Use as an oil to anoint your pulse points. Avoid use on skin if irritation occurs. Can also be applied to candles, lava rocks and crystals.


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