Hornet’s Nest & Quartz


This collection of Hornet Nests displayed in the natural art assemblage were mindfully collected on Audri’s property and adventures in Shasta Ca where she collected a few expired nests during the Fall on 2020. This piece is one of a kind. Audri honors the the natural pieces she works with while feeling a deep connection to nature’s cycles.

At the end of summer, wasps nests have been vacated and wind can loosen these geometric pieces from where they were built. Audri found these wasp paper nests and displayed them for you to get a closeup of the nest’s inner workings. The European wasp, like almost all wasps, hornets, bees etc. represents a need for order and organization. As an animal guide, wasps represent seeking order and organization in many areas of their lives. Those who have European wasp come into their lives are being asked to create more order around them. It is time to organize your thoughts, create order in your home and other aspects of your life. Wasp nests reminds you that through this order you will create opportunities for growth and expansion.

Shadow Box Dimensions-
H 5 inches
W 7 inches
D 1.25 inches

Wood Frame
Expired Nests
Quartz Point
Description on Paper
Comes with hook for easy mounting on wall

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Winter 2022 collection of Natural Oddities. Audri has gathered many of her own collected natural treasures to share with you. Years of adventures have culminated into a unique collection of treasures representing the elements of Fire (the adventures), Earth (Crystals, moss), Wind (Feathers, the story), and water(Shells, sea glass). Audri mindfully and sustainably assembled together many of her kept treasures as natural art to be a keepsake in your own curiosity collection. She searches second hand, thinks up-cycled and searches for vintage finds to use as supplies for her art. Audri believes in preserving nature and pledges to make purchases that will benefit her community and environment. The shadow boxes used were deconstructed, cleaned, sometimes repainted and repurposed to display each natural oddity. Keep this piece in your collection to invite sacred geometry, determination, organization and earth energies. You can place on your altar knowing that the natural art is sustainable and made with intention. When you purchase any of Audri’s Oddities, please know that you are supporting her efforts to keep regenerating her land, bringing awareness to conservation and directly working to give back to the animals who naturally inhabit the area.


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