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Limited Offer! First 20 orders will receive 5 different varieties of all natural incense and a very special exclusive LIB friendship blend to raise the vibe of your tribe. That’s a total of 6 packs of incense for the price of 5! I’ll be selling packs of incense for $12 a pack so you are already saving $ and will get an added bonus with my extra “thank you” gift. You can come by my festival booth at the LIB marketplace and pick up your order between May 25-30th. If you can’t make the festival, are willing to wait and still want a great deal, I can ship and it’s FREE! I’m offering FREE shipping and can send out your order anywhere in the US in June. This will greatly help kickstart my production before LIB & the big summer events I’m planning on having my booth. Thank you for your support and I know you’ll love my incense. Oh and don’t forget to please share this with your magical friends, someone who practices wellness or a friend who just needs to feel loved and chill out. Much love to you… I hope to see you, or send you something, soon!

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By purchasing this PRE-Order you agree to receive your incense in person at Lightning in a Bottle festival 2022, or by mail with FREE shipping by mid June 2022. Incense will be at random but include an exclusive LIB friendship blend. There will be new and unlisted incense available. Varieties are not limited to shown in gallery examples. Audri will take in consideration any notes on preferences of incense scents, allergy, intended rituals or experiences.


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