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Limited Offer! This is an opportunity to help support Audri’s Lightning in a Bottle immersive experience and storefront. You can preorder your incense and pick up at the festival. I’ll be selling packs of incense for $15 plus all those pesky taxes and fees. So you are already saving $ and will get an added bonus with an extra “thank you” gift. You can come by my festival booth at the LIB marketplace and pick up your order between May 24-28th. I’m offering this opportunity to help kickstart my planning and production before LIB. Thank you for your support and I know you’ll love my incense.
If you can’t make it to LIB but want to support me, please check out all of the different offerings I have online and in person. There is FREE shipping on all orders!

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By purchasing this PRE-Order you agree to receive your incense in person at Lightning in a Bottle 20th Anniversary festival 2023. Incense can be your preferred or by choice. Audri will take in consideration any notes on preferences of incense scents, allergy, intended rituals or experiences. Your choices may also include the exclusive LIB friendship blend. There will be new and unlisted incense available during the festival.
Simply just state your name and your preorder will be referenced. No additional tax or costs necessary. A convenient alternative to carrying cash or using credit bands. If you have any questions please reach out.


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