Love Spell Natural Cauldron Candle 8oz


Handmade and hand poured natural beeswax and soy wax candle.
-8oz black ceramic Cauldron container
-50/50 blend of natural wax
-Cotton wick
-3 Rose Quartz crystals
-Rose Buds from Garden
-Rose petals

Deeper Magic:
Are you a witch that loves to burn 🔥 things? If you love harnessing fire energy and channeling your intentions, this candle is for you! A favorite candle to burn with intentions for love, lovers and self love. Enjoy the soft glow of a dancing flame in a room and in love rituals.
Audri has evolved as a candle maker over the years and seasonally offers soy- beeswax natural candles with much more knowledge and understanding. You can love the candles much more knowing they are all natural and with natural high quality ingredients. Your enjoyment of them is pure magick. They are different from a store bought paraffin yuck scented candles.
There are only 4 of these 8oz ceramic cauldrons and possibly won’t ever get some of these great reusable cauldron containers again. Keep them for your alter or refill again and again!

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Natural Soy wax Beeswax cauldron candle is scented with a fragrance essential oil blend to scent any room lovingly. The cauldron is a 8oz ceramic container great to be reused and possibly refilled. The spell candle is meant to be watched over and tended to so that the inclusions burn safely and continuously. The double cotton wicks are strong and can be lit one at a time or both depending on the shape of wax melting the candle takes on. Trim the candle wicks between burns to allow it to burn its best. First burn must be at least 30 min to allow for proper wax pool. You can save the crystals and use them in other spell work as they will be charged with your intentions. The rose buds came from Audri’s garden from the 2022 summer and were added to represent love energy. A small amount of mica will make the wax pool shimmer, but won’t clog the wick which is a problem in most handmade candles that contain mica. This candle is special and hopefully you can enjoy 1 of the 4 candles made with loving intention.


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