Love Ritual Bath Bomb


This Love Ritual Bath Bomb is super magic! This is 2023 version of the original Ritual Bath Bomb Audri created for love, self love, and for anyone who wants to be embraced by roses. These large bath bombs fizz beautifully, and create an instant rose scented ritual bath and self care ritual. Rose petals burst from the middle as the bomb releases a hidden Rose Quartz surprise aligned to crystal energize you water with loving energy. It comes sealed wrapped and boxed ready as a gift to yourself or another person who deserves some love. By the time this bath bomb has reached you, it has taken on a magical energy on its own! You will leave your bath like a radiant balanced human and literally glow from the mica and feel soft to the touch from the nourishing vitamin E and jojoba oil. You will be lightly rose scented from the bath ritual and continue to enjoy the rituals lasting loving essence.

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Love Ritual
-Rose Essential oil
-Vitamin E Oil
-Epsom, Sea Salt, Himalayan for Healing and Aura Purification
-Goddess Mica Shimmer
-Rose Petals
-Rose Quartz for loving energy

Audri’s Alchemy Ritual Bath Bomb
Ingredients: Rose EO Blend, homegrown roses, Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Vitamin E Oil, Food Dye, Mica Powder, Magic.
Directions: Use in a full bath. Rinse body after. Be cautious of slippy tub.


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