Opium Scented 4oz Ritual Candle


Handmade and hand poured natural beeswax and soy wax candle.
-4oz tinted glass container
-50/50 blend of natural soy and beeswax
-Cotton wick
-Black Labradorite Double Terminated Wand
-Labradorite crystals
-Holographic Glitter

Deeper Magic:
Are you a witch that loves to burn 🔥 things? If you love harnessing fire energy and channeling your intentions, this candle is for you! A favorite candle to burn with intentions for deep dreams, shadow work and psychic abilities. Enjoy the soft glow of a dancing flame through the tinted glass.
Audri has evolved as a candle maker over the years and seasonally offers soy- beeswax natural candles with much more knowledge and understanding. You can love the candles much more knowing they are all natural and with natural high quality ingredients. Your enjoyment of them is pure magick. They are different from a store bought paraffin yuck scented candles.
There are only 3 of these 4oz candles. Keep them at your alter or refill again and again!

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Scented as Opium, this candle is quite intriguing, tempting. Sprinkled with up-cycled holographic glitter with a black labradorite or a Smokey Quartz. These are lovingly hand poured with intention throughout. Made with soy/beeswax and high quality phthalate free fragrance. These candles have amazing scent throw and last a long time! They have a organic wick and burn clean. You can feel good about burning this candle in your home. The flame will warmly glow behind a dark purple high heat glass perfect for a spooky evening. For this candle label, I brought back my original designs for these scents and adapted them. They were hand drawn and created by me last year for a collection of scents I enjoyed and wanted to share.
After the candle is done, place in freezer to harden wax. This will allow for a clean removal of the wax and will release the crystals. You can save the crystals and use them in other spell work as they will be charged with your intentions. The tinted glass container is great to be reused and possibly refilled. Up cycle jar by using it to store herbs, treasures, or whatever else you want. This candle is meant to be watched over and tended to so that you burn safely and continuously.
Candle Care: Trim the candle wicks between burns to allow it to burn its best. First burn must be at least 30 min to allow for proper wax pool.


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