Pluto Incense


Pluto Incense was specially conjured during the Fall season of shadows 2021. This incense continues the herbal alchemical exploration of Audri’s Planetary collection of natural incenses. Pluto Incense was intentionally crafted for transformation and rebirth. This blend of ethically and sustainable harvested ingredients were combined to best represent Pluto’s dark and mysterious energy. You could intentionally burn to attune and balance individual astrological energies, in combination with other planetary, or elemental incenses, or to harness the herbal alchemical power of Pluto’s energy. Because Audri’s incense are made with sustainably sourced and rare resins, herbs and oils; each stick slowly burns continuously and beautifully to create a grounding and transformational magical experience. Each pack of 10 handmade incense sticks are wrapped with minimal packaging and is ready as a gift to yourself or another person who deserves it. The tag was mindfully created and can be collected along with other blends to be journaled for your magical herbal records. These incense will add another level to your intentions across many different types of Magick. Audri believes the herbal alchemical energy of Pluto will help guide you through your own shadow work, transformation and rebirth.

Deeper Magic: Myrrh, Opoponax, Patchouli, Damiana, Wormwood, Patchouli and Poppy is a combination of herbs representing Pluto and was researched and referenced from books by both Scott Cunningham and Karen Harrison. This planetary blend resonates with Pluto’s tendencies to be in the shadows, the underground, the Greek god hades, grounding energy, transformation, Scorpio, and can help see you through your own shadows. This blend is half representative of the underground and the time of year when the veil is the thinnest. Pluto energy and can be balanced with and supported by other incense. Burn with curiosity and caution. Wormwood, and poppy can induce a feeling of euphoria.

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Pluto Incense
-Natural Incense sticks with bamboo

Directions: Use in meditation, Astrology, Ritual or Element Spell-work. Set your intentions and light the incense. Allow the flame to burn out or blow out if it doesn’t by itself. Burn safely with an incense holder. Enjoy watching the smoke dance in shapes and patterns unique to your incense.

Handmade Incense lovingly and meticulously crafted with high-quality natural ingredients are a wonderful addition to uplift your sacred rituals, space and mood. Audri was inspired by the process of handmade incense of the East, particularly India, where the older floral offerings from temples are collected to create space for fresh offerings and recycled/upcycled into its new form as incense. Much of the initial research of incense making left her feeling dissatisfied as she uncovered the American and unintentional-unmagickal way of dipping incenses into chemicals and artificial fragrances. That is when Audri then further researched ways to make her own and aligned with the entire process of intentional incense making. This quest and extensive research has served to inspire her to create unique blends from flowers and herbs that she grows, or are locally sourced and cultivated. With her herbal alchemical knowledge, Audri combines cosmically aligned herbal blends with resins and a natural wood binder with essential oils. Pure water and herbal infused teas are added to the dry mix and applied on natural blank incense sticks. The result yields high quality one-of a kind small batch ritual incense for your enjoyment!


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