3 Spa Pod Gift Pack


A special offering! This limited Spa Pod gift pack contains 3 of the most popular aromatherapy shower steamers. Each is its own spa steam room experience. Each 2 inch sparkling colored spa pod is packed with pure crystalized menthol and pure essential oil that when combined creates an aromatic and therapeutic superpower! Each pod contains enough potency to deliver a spa experience to your shower rituals. The combo of both the menthol and EO’s have special properties that will allow the aromatherapeutic benefits to be lifted in the steam you breathe in.
Audri personally loves each all 3 varieties which include Eucalyptus Recovery, Breathe Easy and Calm Crown Lavender. Equivalent to a bath bomb for for a shower! The idea and experience of each pod was inspired by past experiences working at a luxury gym. Audri wanted to deliver the ability for you to enjoy a shower to start your day, or recover from a long day, sickness, for meditation, spa self care and most importantly open up the breathing and create a heart opening personalized ritual experience.

Pro- tip: You could crack in half for a two shower experience, or break up the pod to use as a sprinkle for the shower floor. This will allow you to enjoy over time. If you really love aromatherapy go for the whole pod and take a long shower! Great for those who love starting the day with meditation in showers, or even just recovery from a hard day/work. Great to take on vacation, or give as a gift! This trio spa experience is a favorite recovery for all!

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To Use: Place the pod on the floor of your shower and allow the gentle stream of the water to cause the pod to bubble and fizz. Watch the shimmery teal mica flow down the water and be mesmerized by the show. The botanicals will also release a natural herbal scent as warm water steeps the buds or leafs. The amount of water allowed to fizz the pods will determine how long the spa experience will last.

-Baking Soda
-Corn Starch
-Citric Acid
-Mica Powder
-Food Coloring
-100% Menthol Crystals
-Essential Oil
-Organic herbs
-Lots of love and intention


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