HOLISTIC HEALINGimg_1089Me in my happy place doing what I love to do.

This is a testimonial #Repost from @coleenwith1l 🙏✨
Gettin’ #grounded with this #goddess 🙏🏻Thank you @caligypsea 🙏🏻 for sharing your #time#talent and #energy with me today. I felt #amazing when I came off your table and I LOVE my #cherryquartz from you and @thesagegoddess What a #precious #giftThank you, thank you, thank you. Audri is #local y’all but not for long. Find her, spend time with her and experience her #magicbefore she’s gone. #healer #alchemist#energywork and so much more. 💜🙏🏻💜🙏🏻💜🙏🏻
  • coleenwith1lSo true. Still feeling fantastic. Thank you again Audri 💜
Testimonial From Lisa F from Love Long Beach Festival 2018
So Happy and grateful Audri to finally meet you in person at the Love Long Beach Festival! . You are such a beautiful light! I loved your amazing space and Location. You put so much love into setting it up and creating a magical and blissful environment for your clients. (one of the best) I was grateful and honored to be able to receive healing from you. It was a Powerful and Profound experience. for me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful intuitive gifts with me. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and the little gifts as well. Love and blessings, LIsa F 
Audri Aviles Lisa F it was a great experience to be of service to you 🙏🌈. I will be following through with what I had said and will get you links to the suggestions I have made for you.
Lisa Thank you so much Audri! I appreciate you! 


Judy S. 67 years old and swam 1 mi after a year of functional training, aquatic aerobics, cardiovascular conditioning with Audri.

Original post on Facebook Judy S.: Here I am in bellflower aquatic center, swimming one mile today! I turn 67 tomorrow. 😓🏊‍♀️‼️

Friends and Family commenting on Social Media:

Way to go Judy, you look great

Wonderful, Looking great for 67. Wishing you a very. merry HAPPY BIRTHDAY

You’re so awesome Judy. You’re always doing cool stuff. Horses swimming what else is next?
Judy S: What’s next is line dancing and more horses and more swimming!
one mile is amazing!
Judy S: Thanks. It felt amazing, too!
Only 67? Blimey.
Audri Aviles So proud of you! You rock Judy! Happy Birthday!


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Lan-Chi Lam Mother of 2

Trained Oct 2015- Nov 2016 

“This time last year, I had been working out with Audri for about 5 weeks. Many factors drove me to reach out to Audri for help with changing my life: 

I was ready to adopt a healthy/active lifestyle, but didn’t know where to start. More importantly, I wanted to adopt a healthy lifestyle for my kids and pass it on.

For most of 2016, I have been working out with Audri 3 x week for the entire year. We’ve done a little of everything: yoga, cardio, running, water, HIIT, weight training, and more. I felt the difference from our first session (endorphins on day one) and can report these results:

– blood pressure under 120 since May (with no medication)

– I run 3 miles session and targeting 5 mile sessions for 2017

– improved my BMI 4 points

– other than DOMS, no more aches and pains

– insomnia gone

– more energy than ever

– I wake up feeling great!

I am so grateful for Audri’s help in adopting a healthy / active lifestyle. I can’t say enough about Audri’s training style and her dedication to my self improvement journey. I also could not of done this without my family’s support, especially my husband.

Congratulations on your baby and your new journey Audri! Thank you of helping me get healthy. — “


David Columbus- IRON Man Triathlete

Trained Sept 2013- Spring 2016

When I met David in 2013, he had no confidence in swimming and almost didn’t make the cut off time for the swim portion of the event. His mobility suffered because of a desk job. After a couple years of his hard work and checking in with me for an open water swim session once and awhile; he had confidence and physical capabilities to kick butt at the 1.2 mile swim. The following statement was in regards to completing Iron Man Oceanside 2016.


Juan Porras IRON Man Triathlete

Trained Spring 2016

“Audri is the perfect combination of tough (Audri, thanks for the noodle arms!) and encouraging, and she works with the whole person — mentally, nutritionally and physically. Because of her efforts, I am faster and more flexible, I have better balance and most importantly, swimming has become fun. Audri helped me understand her methods and really focused on my needs rather than using generic swim workouts. I recommend her without reservation.”

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Belinda Stone

Trained Fall 2014 to Spring 2015

“I want to tell you how she has changed my life.

I broke my ankle last August and then when I was getting better I was rear ended in October in my car.  My sister gave me the gift of life by giving me a gym membership but Audri is the one that has changed me.  She is the most positive, knowledgeable person and has such patience.  She also is flexible with my schedule.  From the beginning when I could just barely stretch she explained everything she wanted me to do and why.  She showed me on her chart to help me learn too.  She has been caring and communicated with me out of the gym by checking up on me and helping me stay positive.  I didn’t know how out of shape or “crooked” I had become from these things happening to my body.  In the last few months that I have been there she has helped me become stronger, more balanced in ways that I didn’t know possible.  I have changed my eating habits, excising more than I ever have and she is the one responsible for that.  I look forward to coming to the gym to learn more from her and to be around her positive energy.  I really hope that she will be back soon as I have learned so much and she has helped me so much

Thank You,

Belinda Stone”

Jerry Finkelstein

Trained Summer 2014-Spring 2015

I met Jerry in Palos Verdes in the gym’s pool. He had very poor posture and couldn’t get the stroke he wanted to achieve. I helped him correct his posture over time with a combination of myofascial release, yoga, and functional training. This is him towards the end of our time together training. He literally gained and inch or so in hight after his spine began to straighten. He let me take these picture as a testimonial.

Jerry F. performs posture correcting band exercises.
You wouldn’t even think that Jerry was once severely hunched over.

Pictured Testimonials

Chris and Sherry loved the customized and outside workouts together. This married couple also had fun encouraging each other through tough 2-people exercises.
Kismet is displaying how fun it is to have a swim program customized to her mermaid needs.

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Jerry S. is proud to have place 1st in his age group after a couple of months of Run Club organized by Audri in Seal Beach.

Patty didn’t know how to swim at all when I first met her. She was terrified of keeping her head under the water because of childhood trauma. I worked very closely with Patty to make sure she felt comfortable and gained confidence. By the end of our time training together she became a beautiful swimmer.

Laurie practiced restorative yoga poses to help her correct her posture and hip imbalances.

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